Monday, September 19, 2005


The painting (done in Paint) is an abstract interpretation of Yoga. The beauty of yoga, i believe lies is in the postures that are done through breathing techniques, simple inhaling and exhaling.

Yoga is the synchronisation of the mind, body and soul. It involves breathing techniques that cleanse your entire system; meditative postures to improve concentration and relax the body; and Asanas or postures that make your body supple and flexible.

There are various Asanas intended for a variety of purposes. There are postures for losing weight on your abdomens or hips; postures that activate certain parts of the body which also improves blood circulation. On the whole yoga is a great de-stresser and keeps the entire system rejuvenated.

Right now, I'm attending Pathanjali's, 'Ashtangayoga", also known as the eight-different kinds of yoga. I lost about 2 kgs in the one month course, but the challenge is in following the routine after you complete the course, and there I failed miserably.

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