Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Love of Writing

I started this blog simply because I wanted to write. The idea of a blog fascinated me. It is what you can call, your home. You can change the decor to suit your tastes; prop up the cushions, change the colour and play with the setting. If you put your mind to good use, there is an endless list of things that you can do with this space. 

But, somewhere down the line, I got trapped in the Food Planet and never quite recovered. I'm refering to my other blog, "Ranna Jano"; translated in Bengali, it means, "Do you know to cook?", has replaced my primary goal: writing.

Though I was familair with the term blogging, I was never really sure where to start or how to go about it. Constant goading by AFJ finally got me to blog. But she did not stop with me. She has managed to convert a bunch of us into serious bloggers. "Mru's Blog", "The world is your cave", are instances of such aggressive marketing. Now that I have started blogging, I am unable to stop. 

Unfortunately (or maybe not), I compromised my writing interests over culinary arts. Though my interests in the food section have been appreciated, it is accompanied by a sense of criticism, which I suppose was intended to make me feel guilty. It worked. I felt guilty. I don't think I can ever get away from my love for good food. I'm a sucker for home made food. However addiction to home cooked meal have a downside. When I dine out, my appetite is quite disappointing. Such poor eating habits from a confessed foodie is like staring at the death sentence. I'll be ostracized from the "voracious-eaters" community for life. My only alibi in such a situation would be home-made food. I can eat endlessly.

Having a blog about cuisines does not say much about me, except that I'm a patron of fine food, or just that I am a person who likes to share recipes. It does not tell you whether I like dining out, or what kind of food I like.

Blogs, you can have as many as you want, that is if you can handle more than one. It is addictive, like Crystal Meth, atleast this won't kill you.


Rita said...

Hey AquaM,

I agree with you completely. But is it a good idea to gift blogs? :))


aquamarine said...

Well, its a self-evident truth.
It is certainly a great idea. See, you have started posting comments like crazy!


Rita said...

Hey!We'll take it offline. What say?


aquamarine said...

Just this shud be documented!