Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Tom Cat

During my stay in Canada, I was adopted by a Burmese cat. His coat was a fiery orange like the colors of the sun, with an underside as white as snow. Eyes were an electrifying yellow. So I named him Tiger. 

He was my constant companion through those dull moments and the long dreary winters. Unlike the usual snobbish cats, Tiger's behaviour was far from cat-ishness, he was more dog-like. 

In a lot of ways, he was very human. If only he could talk, I wonder what he would have said. I knew that he loved me a lot.

He responded only to my voice, curled up next to me when I was asleep and woke me up at 6.00 am for his breakfast. He hated the water, but I enjoyed giving him a shower. As soon as he sees the bathtub, Tiger's antenna's would perk up and he would frantically scramble for the exit. That was all he could do. In the end, I had it my way and what a handsome cat he was after his bath. 

Tiger was the best companion I could ask for. He gave me unconditional love and joy. 

Aren't these moments when you wish you could turn back time?

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Known Stranger said...

where they your kitten ? i love them.. as well have a respect as they are dwarf lion. i give respect as i always believe they can just turn to be a lion by one hop.